Christmas Story Games

❄ A Charlie Brown Christmas Interactive Pop Up Book:

Christmas is a day that many people look forward to. It is a day best celebrated with friends and family, sharing what you have and enjoying good company. However, is it really about all the pretty lights and presents you receive? Well, Charlie Brown doesn't think so. He absolutely hates commercialism during the holidays and that poses a little problem for the Peanuts gang. Lucy has the answer though: Charlie Brown has to participate in their Christmas program as its director. Help them pick a tree and spread some yuletide cheer in this wonderful virtual story book from Loud Crow Interactive.

We have a few more Christmas story games lined-up for you below:

❄ A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving:

A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving

Pass the turkey, it's time for a Charlie Brown Thanksgiving! Another beautiful interactive pop-up book from Loud Crow Interactive, this title is sure to be a hit with both kids and adults who have grown up with the series. As always, Charlie Brown is feeling quite blue during the supposedly festive time of the year. To make things worse, Peppermint Patty has just invited herself and a few of their friends to join the Brown family celebration. Help Chef Snoopy prepare a hearty meal for them and learn about the real meaning of Thanksgiving in this unique, interactive pop-up book.

❄ Fiction Fixers Alice in Wonderland

Fiction Fixers: Alice in Wonderland

Put a stop to the Illiterati's devious scheme as you watch over Alice and ensure that her time in Wonderland goes according to the original story. This hidden object game will have you looking for treacle tarts and retrieving the White Rabbit's gloves as you try to keep the story of Alice in Wonderland in one piece. With a plethora of puzzles for you to solve, you'll need to have your wits about or it'll be time to be "off with your head."