Teach Kids the True Meaning of Christmas with "A Charlie Brown Christmas"

  • What exactly makes Christmas a Charlie Brown Christmas? Why, if the beloved cast of Peanuts have anything to say about it, Christmas has to have Charlie Brown in it! But what happens if he's feeling down? Well in that case, it's up to you ensure that Charlie Brown gets to enjoy the holidays. You'll need to help the story along by interacting with the gang and making sure that Charlie Brown has "involvement" this holiday season. A Charlie Brown Christmas is an interactive pop-up book for kids, although it's also a treat for adults who have grown up with the series.

    A Charlie Brown Christmas Interactive Pop Up Book

    Memories of Christmas Past

    Because A Charlie Brown Christmas stays true to the classic tale, it's sure to be a treat for fans of the series. It does not take any liberties with the script one bit, even going as far as to use Peter Robbins' narration - the original voice actor of Charlie Brown himself. For those who don't know how the story goes, Snoopy's owner, Charlie Brown, is feeling blue even though it's the holiday season. He talks to his pals and their resident psychiatrist Lucy explains that he is in need of some involvement. Luckily, they are in need of a director of their Christmas play so she asks him to be a part of the project.

    Charlie Brown takes his responsibilities seriously and criticizes commercialism during the holidays. Eventually, his friends learn what the season is truly all about and finally agree with him. It's a simple tale, but one that has touched generations of fans across the globe. We loved the fact that the story has stayed the same all these years. A Charlie Brown Christmas is a perfect retelling, made even more fun with its new, interactive features.

    Choose a Tree For the Proper Mood

    If you're a parent who intends to get this app for your little one and you're new to the series, then you should be aware that there is emphasis on Biblical scriptures and the Christian faith. It has educational features like word highlighting to help kids develop their reading skills. There's also musical highlighting, allowing them to play Schroeder's piano. Throughout the adventure, players can participate in activities with the Peanuts gang, including the Spectacular Super-Colossal Neighborhood Christmas Lights and Display Contest which allows you to unlock various decorations to style your own Christmas tree.

  • A Charlie Brown Christmas Interactive Pop Up Book

    Interacting with the cast is easy and fun. Tapping on them will make them come to life, playing a clip related to the current storyline. For instance, when Charlie Brown talks to Sally about her letter to Santa, she asks for "tens and twenties", much to her older brother's dismay. Tilting the device will make the characters move by sliding around the screen. You can jump to any page by tapping on the bookmark. This brings you to the table of contents so you can choose which part of the story to view. As this is a digital pop-up book, expect objects to pop out of the page as if you were turning a physical book.

    Nostalgic for Adults, Fun for Kids

    If you love heartwarming tales and stories with a bit of educational content sprinkled in, then Charlie Brown Christmas is sure to be a favorite. Adults who have grown up with the series will be delighted at the authentic feel of the app. Not only does it feature the original dialogue of the 1965 animation, it also makes use of clips from Peter Robbins himself. The in-game graphics is as you would remember it, complete with the squiggly lines and brown-hued colors and the soundtrack features music and sound effects straight out of the original animated series. It's a nostalgic trip for sure, brought to modern-day media for your little ones to enjoy.

    A Charlie Brown Christmas Interactive Pop Up Book

    That said, kids will certainly benefit from the reading and musical mini games in the app. They'll be able to go caroling with the gang, try their hand at finger painting and even be able to try playing Schroeder's piano. The app makes learning fun and imparts valuable lessons for the little ones. We can't recommend A Charlie Brown Christmas enough for parents who wish to bond with their kids and even teach them the true meaning of Christmas.