Prepare Some Popcorn with Chef Snoopy in A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving

  • "It's time to get thanks for family and friends -- and delicious food. But Charlie Brown wasn't feeling very thankful." Oh Charlie, why are you blue? Well, according to him, he always gets depressed during holidays. In order to save Thanksgiving for him and his friends, you'll need to play through the events in this fun interactive pop-up book. Pop tons of popcorn, play some football, hear all about the pilgrims and have A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving with Snoopy and the Peanuts gang.

    A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving

    Modern Magic

    A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving is a retelling of the classic television special. It delivers the story through the use of a digital pop-up book which allows readers to interact with the cast of Peanuts. Every page comes to life with a tap or a swipe. Tilt your device to watch the characters slide on the screen. Tap on the arrow or the ribbon in order to read the page you want -- each one has a hidden leaf for you to find. Dragging on the edge of a page will turn it, just like a real book too, making for a perfect mix of classic and modern.

    A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving

    For those who have never watched the classic animation, the story is that Peppermint Patty goes and calls Charlie and invites herself over for Thanksgiving. That would have been fine, if not for the fact that Charlie and his sister Sally are supposed to celebrate thanksgiving at their grandmother's house. With Chef Snoopy's help, Charlie decides to prepare a feast for his friends anyway. When Patty berates Charlie for his choice of food and learns about the Brown family's plans, everybody learns a little something about what Thanksgiving is all about.

  • Thanksgiving is Not All About the Feast

    As Loud Crow's app stays true to the events of the original story, A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving is as good for adults as it is for kids. Avid fans will enjoy a trip down memory lane, with Stephen Shea (the voice of Linus van Pelt) himself narrating the story. The interactive pop-up book also makes use of original tracks, so the music and sound effects should be familiar to those who have enjoyed the animation years ago. Just like the original show, however, the tale is short. With its features, it certainly won't take only 30 minutes to explore everything but don't expect the story to last more than an hour if you're rushing through the interactive events.

    Of course, while this tale is great for older fans of Peanuts, it is meant mainly for children. The app features are not only enjoyable for little hands to explore; the warm tale also imparts an important lesson about what the holiday is all about. At the very least, it is a great tool for parents to use in order to explain Thanksgiving traditions to their kids. If you happen to be a mom or a dad looking to share this wonderful tale with your child, there is a “For Parents” section which safely separates settings meant for adults from the app's child-friendly content.

    A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving

    For Early Readers and Older

    What we really liked about A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving is the number of reading modes it has to suit kids of all ages. Specifically, there are three: Read to me, Read myself and Auto play. For those who are very young, Auto play is recommended if they are reading by themselves. With the proper mode selected, kids are given the chance to associate words with the narration. Hearing Charlie and his friends speak to each other will help them get a better grasp of how sentences are formed as well.

    Have tech savvy kids? There's no need to worry. While the original animation special may have been created way back in 1973, this app has enough interactive features to satisfy even the pickiest of young audiences. With script, music and dialogue taken straight out of the original, it also deserves a spot in any Peanuts fan's digital library.

    A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving is available for both the Apple and Android devices. It is suitable for children 4-6 years of age and should be a treat for adults who grew up with Snoopy and the cast of Peanuts.