Explore a Mysterious Island in Fly High Games' Cat Story

Cat Story

Rescue the furry inhabitants of a mysterious island and enlist their help in building a village. The city builder "Cat Story" from Fly High Games thrusts you into a fascinating tropical world that is filled with mystery and surprising secrets. In this title, you play as the feline commanding officer of a ship that has been damaged by a dog ship. She awakes to find herself alone on shore and with no clue as to what has happened to her crew. In order to help them, you will need to help her complete story-related quests, take charge of a thriving village and unlock new areas of the island an acre at a time. This adorable city builder is filled to the brim with things for you to do and it will have you harvesting food, gathering resources and building residences for rescued friends in no time.

Washed Alone Ashore

Though its visuals are enough to catch the eye, there is more to Cat Story than that. What makes it unique among other games in the genre is its storyline. It's not just about inheriting a town to run, nor is it about suddenly being asked to revive an economically challenged farm. It's about a story that starts on an exciting note and unfolds as you progress through the game. After an intense battle against a dog ship, the furry heroine wakes up alone on the shore of a mysterious island. Wanting to investigate the fate of her friends, she decides to explore the massive area one acre at a time. As the commanding officer of her ship, she has the leadership experience to run and expand a village while she uncovers the island's secrets and, in the process, finding her lost crew members.

Cat Story

What we liked about this cute title is that the quests serve to progress the plot in some way which for a cutsy cat themed game we had to applaud, after all there are plenty of more simplistic cat feel good titles out there already, just take a peek at the Talking Tom Cat ones. For instance, when starting the game, you are tasked to find out of the island is inhabited or not. Soon after, you meet the Sun King (also known as Rawhide Billy) who asks if you are a friend. Completing that quest rewards you with Coins and unlocks another quest which entails helping your "homeless, lonely and abandoned" new friend in fixing his hurricane-wrecked hut. You learn how to plant crops on a patch of land and eventually go off to find Loran, Simon, Pascal and Fanny -- your pals.

A Massive Island to Explore

Fisheries and strawberry farms are not all that you need to manage in this title. You also grow food products in order to have items to sell and earn Coins from. Cat Story's mechanics work much like other city building games. After planting marketable products and food items, you will need to harvest them by tapping on the building housing the goods. Tapping on it once more will allow you to begin a new task.

To guide you on your journey are quests, conveniently located to the side of the screen. Accomplishing quests gives you more Coins, more Coins allows you to construct buildings such as Hawk Farms and Peacock Houses so long as you are of the required level. Having more establishments allows you to get more products and earn more Coins, so on and so forth. It's a familiar formula for those who have played their fair share of city builders, though newbies should have no problems adjusting to the routine with the gradual introduction of the game play elements.

A Freemium Adventure

Cat Story

As with other games like it (Enchanted Realm is a good example), Cat Story has mechanics in place to encourage players to open their wallets. While in-game currency is enough to pay for new buildings, upgrades and restocking warehouses, it cannot be used to expedite the process. If you wish to speed through the game, then you will need to be prepared to spend some of your hard-earned cash to buy Gems. A small amount of gems may also be earned through special means, such as connecting with the game's Facebook or Twitter accounts, but these opportunities are few and far between. This is pretty standard fare for games in the genre and shouldn't stop anyone curious from giving Cat Story a try.

All in all, Cat Story is a solid city builder. It adds its own spin on the genre by weaving a unique story into the adventure. The graphics are bright and colorful, although the humanoid cats may not be everyone's cup of tea. It is great for first time players as it tends to hold your hand through the quests. It's also great for those who do not intend to spend much. It has its freemium content of course, but it can be played long enough to be enjoyed even without investing a fortune. Give it a try if you're looking for a lighthearted yet meaty city builder.