The Action Starts in the Race Pit with Grand Prix Story

Grand Prix Story

It is no easy task to manage a racing crew. Everyone has their specialties, and they all have very specific jobs that will need to do consistently and fast, and it is up to you to get all these various personnel working together as smoothly as possible. After all, when the race car finally goes into a pitstop, it needs to get fixed and ready to get back in the race as fast as possible. In between, you will have to keep the car up to date with the best parts and upgrades in order to catch up with the competition, manage sponsorship, train your driver and crew, and more.

What is Grand Prix Story?

Grand Prix Story is a Kairosoft game where you manage a racing crew. Kairosoft is pretty well known for their management style games; almost all their games are about managing one thing or another –a sports team, a game development studio, a village of fantasy adventurers, restaurants, and more. In theme with the studio’s releases, Grand Prix Story is presented in 2D animated sprites which look absolutely gorgeous in a kinda-retro kind of way. Design-wise, Kairosoft titles are like the Ship of Thesus. In terms of gameplay, the game is as progressive and innovative as they come.

Grand Prix Story

This is a menu and command driven game –aside from providing orders to use auras in the middle of a race, there are no action based controls. Your menus are all about managing the very team you will assemble. Expect to go through multi layered menus as you have to dig in pretty deep in order to find some of the game’s features.

Watching and Waiting

While you may not get to sit behind the steering wheel for a true F1 Challenge, you still have the luxury of being able to witness each action packed race in its entirety. In fact, players have to keep a very sharp eye on their driver’s performance (this will help you determine what kind of training your driver will need) and tell you which car upgrades you should invest on. This is critical for winning races midway through the game where you opponents are good enough to keep you from getting pole position but you have not progressed enough to earn substantial resources for some of the key upgrades in the game.

Grand Prix Story

Being able to see your team car zip into the pit stop and having your well trained crew getting to work is a like watching a symphony; everyone in your team moves fast and smooth (as long as you have studied the best way to utilize your team), and seeing the car getting back to the race in the shortest amount of time feels greatly satisfying.

Over and Over Again

Like other Kairosoft titles, Grand Prix Story does have a New Game Plus mode –however, that only thing that carries over is your car and part upgrades. This means that you will have to build your team up every single time your start all over again. Since the game’s best upgrade parts for the race car are the gold type variants. Always be sure to bring your highest level units (the ones that can activate gold auras) when upgrading a car or part to level 6.

Speaking of upgrades, vehicles have a huge list of stats that players should take note off. These determine everything from how tough the car is (durability), to how well it reacts to sponsors (advertising), the way it turns (handling), and even its overall performance on various road conditions (on-road, off-road, and icy road). Getting high ratings on these stats helps ensure that your race car will be able to snag the checkered flag.

Grand Prix Story

Turbo Charged Fun

You could be driving the top of the line Kairo Car or just the humble (and really silly) Banana Car, but regardless of how you set up your race team, seeing them in action is incredibly fun and amusing. Considering that a lot of planning is involved in putting your own crew together, it makes sense that each victorious race feels immensely satisfying. Add in the fact that as a Kairosoft game, the visuals of Grand Prix Story are very wonderful to look at, and we have a great race crew management game. The best part about this game is that whether you enjoy racing games or even just a passing interest in the culture, the game makes everything feel accessible.