Kairosoft’s Pocket League Story 2 is Fantasy League Soccer Done Just Right

Pocket League Story 2

Managing a soccer team is no easy task. You have a full roster of players you have to manage, matches that you have to surpervise, and of course, a lot of decisions that rely on your wisdom. So what does it take to create a winning soccer team? Good players, proper training, great strategies, and of course, the guiding hand of a manager –and that is the role that you will have to play in this Kairosoft game. And if you think that dominating the single player campaigns is tough, wait until you bite on the multiplayer features.

What is Pocket League Story 2?

PLS2 is a Kairsoft game that will have players managing a soccer team. As a Kairosoft game it makes use of the ever familiar visual style that is used by the Japanese based game developer. It is a pretty good thing that PLS2 was localized as it is one of the few Kairo-made games that actually have only game support. Like other games from the developer, you make a lot of managing and task assigning decisions here, and these will determine how your team will fair in the tournament seasons. The result is a visually fun game that has a pretty in-depth mechanic that will keep you hooked.

Players will have to assign a captain and other positions in the team –as well as provide a schedule for different traiing regiments, study ahead on upcoming matches, and of course, ensure that all players’ stamina is managed properly so that they can get into the action when they are needed (fatigue is an actual game factor that players need to watch out for).

That Classic Sprite Look

Kairosoft’s sprite art is pretty much a classic look in the world of mobile app games. Their character art has not changed much since their first apps and for good reason: it already looks really cute. The interface of PLS2 has been streamlined, which is a great leap beyond the typical interfaces seen in previous games by the developer. Still, since this is a management game, you should still expect to deal with some deeply layered menu systems (also since, the text has been translated from Japanese, some of the words and abbreviations may be confusing).

Anyone who has played the first Pocket League Story will be happy to see that the layout of the game has been improved much further, also, the animations looks a lot smoother now (whether this is due to a higher screen refresh of simply more animation frames is hard to tell).

Pocket League Story 2

Soccer Teams Need Managing

Kairosoft has had players dealing with game development, managing entire towns, private houses, and more. Dealing with a fantasy soccer team is pretty much the same. You aim for good stats for all your players, focus on your strengths, and then keep making your team improve. Doing this is not easy, but if you are a soccer fan, then this will be a challenge you will enjoy doing.

The game has various leagues, and you will have to start from the bottom of the G class bracket and keep winning your way to the A Plus bracket. Not only will you have to fight enemy teams on the field –you also have to gain a substantial number of fans to support your team. The volume of fans will also matter, at the start, you face teams with a few hundred fans. Late in the game, your opponent will have several thousand supporters.

More than Soccer

This game is an easy pick for soccer game fanatics, and Pocket League Soccer 2 ranks near the top of all the soccer games covered at www.starsoccergame.com – it just oozes with appeal and the pacing is set at a wonderful rate. Those who are new to the genre and the developer will find that this makes for a good entry to the series (then again, it can be said that most Kairosoft games are welcoming to new players). Pocket League Story 2 is charming with its delivery and content, but it still delivers a serious gameplay mechanic that should not be underestimated. Even the late game content is challenging; hardcore players who push their teams to the best performance will have to deal with scaled difficulty (each time an AI team is defeated with a 4 goal lead or more, their performance and stats are boosted so they become more challenging the next time you fight them).