PopOut! The Night Before Christmas is a Classic That Shouldn't Be Missed

‘Tis always the season to be jolly, so long as you've got a good Christmas tale to enjoy. Don't have one? Well, as far as those go, PopOut! The Night Before Christmas by Loud Crow is a great choice for curious little minds. It combines traditional pop-up books with the interactivity offered by modern-day apps. Read the story to your children or have them experience the story for themselves using one of the app's reading modes. Just like a physical book, you will be able to turn the pages by hand. Objects spring to life with a single tap of your finger and every sentence, every word even, is clearly narrated.

PopOut The Night Before Christmas

A Classic Christmas Tale

Readers of all ages should be familiar with The Night Before Christmas. It's a story about Santa and the work he does, giving presents to good little boys and girls. The wonderful tale is made even more enjoyable with the app's interactive features. Turn the wheel at the bottom in order to wind up the Jack in the Box and see him spring out when you reach the end. Try to catch a dry leaf or two as a wild hurricane makes them fly across the screen. Better yet, touch the snowflakes as they fall from the sky. Want to see Santa go down a chimney? Well for that, you'll need to pull down a tab near the bottom of the page. The delivery of the story is just brilliant. Every page is so meticulous and detailed that it's hard to predict what sort of fun little tidbits await in the next part of the story.

If your child is not the type to enjoy tapping at every little thing, he can also watch the on-screen objects move as he tilts the device left and right. Little elves will swing slowly from strings towards the direction you point them to. It's simple but it's great fun for curious little children.

PopOut The Night Before Christmas

Reading is One of Life's Greatest Pleasures

If you're worried that your child may be too young to be able to explore all that PopOut! The Night Before Christmas has to offer, then you'll be glad to know that there are different reading modes you can choose from to suit your little one. Interacting with characters will let them spring to life. Tapping on certain words will have them read aloud, helping young players to associate spoken language with the words on screen.

While "Read by myself" is meant for those who already know the basics, "Read to me" is more suitable for those who have just begun to learn about words and letters. It features highlighting in order to assist early learners in improving their reading skills. Hearing the sentences spoken out loud will also help them get a grasp of diction and proper pronunciation. Now, if you wish to join your little one and read the story together, you are given the option to turn the background music up or down as well. This option gives you the chance to make the in-game audio less distracting as you experience the story together, from one word to the next.

PopOut The Night Before Christmas

Beautiful as a Christmas Card

So the app is both fun and educational, but what about the graphics? Children may enjoy the story but without something attractive to keep their eyes occupied, they may not even give the interactive features a chance. Well, there's no need to worry about that at all. Every page of the pop up (or "pop out" as Loud Crow calls it) is wonderfully illustrated. The images are lovely as a painting, making us of classic illustrations and colors to suit its theme. The layout is clean, with no unnecessary graphics to clutter the screen. As adults who have grown up with these types books ourselves, it's really all that we could ever ask for in a digital pop-up book.

With its unique interactive features, PopOut! The Night Before Christmas is one of best holiday-themed apps for kids. Not only will their generation be able to enjoy the classic tale, they are also given the chance to experience it as if they were actually there during the events in the story. The graphics are simply breathtaking, being a mix of beautiful paintings and dynamic details that fly across the screen. Made for kids ages 6-8 years of age, this app deserves a spot in your digital library if you have a little one who loves to read.